Touchpoint Optimisation & Brand ROI
Analyse which paid, owned, and earned consumer touchpoints have the greatest brand impact, and how they work together to optimise your media and marketing spend.

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Understand consumer journey touchpoints, and the synergies and interactions between them, to optimise your marketing strategy and spend. Our Connect solution uniquely evaluates brand performance across all paid, earned, and owned consumer touchpoints and identifies the ones that have most impact in your category. It shows which touchpoints can be improved, and lets you benchmark and learn from competitors.

Identify the 20% of touchpoints that deliver 80% of business impact to optimise your touchpoint ROI and drive value for your brand.

Key features

Predictive power

Based on the latest behavioural economics thinking, Connect can help you with meaningful consumer insights and analytics.

Improve ROI

Calculate which touchpoints deliver the greatest ROI and best long-term brand impact, to inform your media spend.

Reach your target

Modelled at the individual level, it is easy to focus on your target audiences and understand how to best reach them.

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