A modern, disruptive measurement approach changing the way marketeers think, evaluate and influence their marketing performance and KPIs. LIFT ROI provides actionable campaign  insights to strengthen marketing and media decisions.

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AI-powered, always-on unified measurement platform enables marketers to optimise their media budget in nearly real time. Continuous data and models refreshed in-flight daily for timely insights into media and marketing performance and in-flight optimisations.

Key features

Future Proof

Use actionable insights to quickly make informed decisions with fast refreshes to take advantage of market opportunities without the use of cookies.

Holistic View

Get the data you need, when you need it, all in one location bringing together Brand Equity, Creative Quality and Sales data for Long-term and Short-term objectives.

Actionable Insights

Build more accurate future scenarios considering not only digital media, but also paid, own and earned in and offline media, industry factors, economy and environmental factors.


The power of analytics

How do analytics support better marketing decisions in times of uncertainty? 
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