Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimisation 
UMMO puts you in control of your marketing budget and allocation, by providing guidance on two levels to unify decision-making capabilities,  the “big picture” strategic allocation of budgets across marketing levers while enabling tactical decisions and in-flight allocation of marketing dollars

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Get a comprehensive assessment of your marketing effectiveness. We deploy a unique econometric modelling approach to understand the relative contribution of all marketing mix elements, and their short and long-term impact on sales and brand equity, to calculate your unified marketing ROI.

Key features

Cookie-less unified measurement

Provides highly scalable, AI powered, cookie-less unified measurement of online, offline media

Granular Insights

Offers a unique level of granularity to plan and predict optimal marketing & media plans down to individual publishers 

Balancing Brand Growth and Sales Focus

Predicts impacts of marketing activity on Brand equity and in doing so account for both short-term and long-term impacts 


The power of analytics

How do analytics support better marketing decisions in times of uncertainty? 
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