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Understand the value of brands, and the ROI of brand investments, to support commercial decision-making and aid growth.
brand valuation

See what makes brands more valuable

BrandZ is the world’s most detailed consumer brand equity database that is uniquely linked to financial outcomes.

Get actionable insights for building stronger brands

Learn from our extensively validated framework, trusted by the world’s top brands, to increase market share and margins.

Quantify sponsorship, licensing, or brand acquisitions

We provide connected ROI data to marketing, insights, finance, and strategy professionals.

Understand how brand licensing could affect sales

Validate brand architecture scenarios and optimise your portfolio, with our strategic frameworks and financial modelling.
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Access insights from the largest global brand equity study: 4.3 million consumers, 21,000 brands across 54 markets.
We provide ROI data to marketing, insights, finance, and strategy professionals, to support commercial decision-making.
Modern Marketing Dilemmas
An evidence-based guide to help marketers protect their margins.
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Kantar BrandZ global 2024
Discover the factors driving growth for the world’s most valuable brands.
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