Consumer and Shopper Attitudes

Uncover the people behind the trends with PanelVoice, our single source survey solution.​


Finding additional shoppers is the only sure way to grow. Worldpanel PanelVoice gets you to the ‘why’ behind behaviour by talking to the people making the choices you want to understand in every market globally. Understanding what shoppers think about your FMCG brand and category, and connecting that to a real purchase, can bring new insights to develop your brand strategy.

Key benefits

A 100% accurate sample

Speak quickly and directly, via targeted surveys, to our purchase panellists- the same people behind the data in your database. We provide confidence that we’re reaching the right people.

Uncover fresh perspectives

Typically 70% of shoppers don’t remember reducing their category purchasing. This makes PanelVoice the only way to reach people who are changing their behaviour (not just those who claim to be).

Quantify the 'why'

Get your stakeholders aligned behind your strategy by adding the size of sales opportunities to attitudes using real purchase data. For larger projects link back to retailer-level data for your sales teams.

Product portfolio

PanelVoice Brand Levers

Which brand levers should I use to win new buyers?

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PanelVoice Triggers

How can I be chosen more often by understanding the decision-making process or usage of a specific purchase?

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PanelVoice Segment

Which spaces or groups could I win to grow faster or reverse a decline?

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PanelVoice ReAct

How can I adapt my category strategy to reverse a declining trend?

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PanelVoice Next

Is my category strategy targeting the areas that will drive growth and prevent decline?

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Win the shoppers who will fuel your growth
PanelVoice not only helps uncover new opportunities, but determines how much they could be worth to do and how to activate against them.
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