Fashion Consumer Panel

Understand how consumers buy fashion, footwear and accessories, to build marketing plans, inform range and drive growth.

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Fashion is an important consideration for consumers all over the world, and apparel represents a substantial portion of any home’s expenditure. Our dedicated fashion teams work with the biggest international retailers, brand houses and manufacturers to apply our consumer panels insights to inform strategies and increase business success.

Key features

Broad coverage for better data

View market trends, shopper behaviour and industry dynamics in many countries to understand brand performance.

Understanding trends and shoppers

See apparel-type trends, behaviour by demographic and shopper profiles by retailer, and explore changing consumer attitudes.

Retail insights

Discover the impact of channel, the importance of promotions, and the growth of online and mobile fashion retail.


Kantar’s Worldpanel UK and Ireland operational systems are ‘ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems’ certified by Marketing Quality Assurance Ltd (MQA)

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