Worldpanel Plus
Understand the “why behind the buy”. Find more shoppers, and be chosen more often, to unlock sustainable growth.

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As consumers are shopping in multiple channels on multiple occasions, you must  understand these shoppers and these occasions in order to tap into them. At the same time, smaller, niche, often more agile brands are fragmenting categories and channels. Worldpanel Plus combines smartphone collection with social recruitment, gamification and AI, enabling much bigger sample sizes and the opportunity to better understand shopper choices.

Key features

Insights based on real consumer behaviour

Make decisions for your brand, store or category based on actual shopper behaviour, from any type of store or channel.

Asking shoppers about what they've just purchased

Discover the motivations behind shopper choices at the point they are making them, with receipt-triggered surveys.

Big samples for greater confidence

Real samples of thousands of shoppers will ensure confidence and trust in the choices you make.


Grocery Market Share Data Visualisation

See what is happening to the grocery market in your region.
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