Futures & Trends

Futures Thinking provides a wide-angle view of the marketplace, helping you reimagine possibilities and unlock growth.

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Ensure your brand, innovation, and communications planning are tapping into trends. Be confident that your portfolio and innovation strategy are aligned with the size and shape of future demand. And future-proof your business strategy, and identify the big bets that will drive long term growth.

Key features

A clear and comprehensive view

Understand the key forces of change thanks to foresight research and horizon scanning, across multiple data sources.

An evidence-based view of opportunities

We create future worlds, scenarios, and opportunity spaces that provide a view of future growth opportunities.

Agenda setting to profit from change

Shape new visions, strategies, business models, innovation and communication to make the most of the future, today.

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Connected innovation
Connected Innovation
A guide to innovating differently. We’ve combined the latest thinking from Kantar’s innovation experts with data-driven insights and case studies from successful brands to answer some of your innovation challenges.
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