Healthcare Panel
A powerful healthcare double opt-in panel to power professional and patient research solutions.

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We specialise in quantitative and qualitative data collection from healthcare professionals and patient profiles, thanks to our proprietary, highly validated panels. Our global professional panel includes Physicians, Payers, Nurses, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and other healthcare stakeholders across a wide range of therapy areas.

Key features

Global reach

Access 2 million healthcare professionals worldwide from nearly 100 specialities, across 44 therapy areas, within 56 countries.

Compliant data collection

We hold the revised standard ISO 20252:2019 globally for Healthcare Market Research and Panel Management

Integrated solutions

We provide seamless integration of quantitative and qualitative healthcare research through our panel.

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We bring you closer to physicians and patients than ever before through research-ready sources.

Our healthcare panellists are validated via:

  • HCP professional sources (licence numbers, etc.), work email, address and telephone number at registration
  • In-survey IP checks for duplication, geographic location confirmation, and pin-code verification at point of honoraria redemption.

In-survey quality checks are performed and tracked; persistent poor performers are cleansed from the panel.

We have met the extensive criteria for the revised standardisation and quality assurance of ISO 20252:2019, covering:

1. Full-service healthcare market research, including

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Qualitative and quantitative methodologies

2. Our owned and operated Health Care Provider panel.

The 2020 re-certification audit recognises the development and continued evolution of our Healthcare Research Management System (RMS). The improved standard promises more transparency to you and considers the latest industry standards on IT Security and Data Protection. This certification is provided on a global basis.

Kantar also has its own dedicated Compliance & Privacy Officer who is Co-chair, Code of Ethics, ISPOR and a member of the EphMRA committee on quality.

Through the use of our Healthcare Panel, our experienced teams seamlessly integrate quantitative and qualitative methodologies for deeper insights.

Mixed methodologies include:

  • Exploratory interviews to develop a quantitative questionnaire
  • Attributing generation to inform a segmentation
  • Follow-up TDIs after quantitative research to learn more
  • Review charts collected in quant with the physician who reported to gain insight into decision making
  • Ideation to create concepts for quant testing
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