Brand Inclusion Index

Your diagnostic tool for inclusive marketing.

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Brand Inclusion Index focuses on people’s perception of a brand’s diversity, equity, and inclusion – what consumers see, feel, think, and how they consider the brand as a result.

This first-ever Index gives a voice to people who tend to be excluded by brands. To evaluate inclusion, we over-represent the under-represented, focusing on under-represented or mis-represented populations.

This solution also comprises a ranking of inclusive brands, as well as a diagnostic tool at the category level (starting with four categories). Brands are assessed by respondents on different dimensions – brave brand DEI strategy, diversity, equity, and inclusion – from the absence of negative actions, to the presence of positive initiatives.

Discover how to drive brand growth through inclusion by downloading the Brand Inclusion Index brochure. 

Key features

Understand under-represented groups

Understand what people’s expectations are in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion. Specially the expectations of those who tend to be excluded.

Learn from brands leading on inclusion

Assess how specific brands are perceived on DEI. And understand industry benchmarks in inclusive marketing.

Close your inclusion gaps

Close your inclusion gaps by identifying populations your brand needs to focus on and identify areas of strength to communicate and celebrate.

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