A self-serve marketing data portal for a major US automotive brand

We cleaned, processed and harmonised 30+ marketing data sources for the client in a Marketing Data Mart. This information was then made available via a user-friendly self-serve portal and for advanced analytics applications.


Our client’s (CMO) organisation received marketing data from 30+ sources with regular frequency.

However, there was no single way to access all this data to report business performance and make business decisions regularly.

Data updates took a long time and often had errors in them, making it difficult to make decisions based on data.


We used our tested approach to develop the solution:


In-depth understanding of the different data sources. Aligned reporting metrics and calculation logic with the client.

Data Harmonisation & Data Mart:

Implemented our Olympus framework to clean, process and harmonise the data, which was loaded into a data mart for reporting and analytical use cases.

Develop Tableau-based Portal:

Built a user-friendly self-serve portal on Tableau that helped access and analyse data from 30+ sources.


Harmonising 30+ marketing data sources in a Marketing Data Mart made it easy for the client to review performance and run analytics without worrying about data preparation.


This portal enabled the client to analyse & download 200+ key variables for various data cuts with regular updates.

Marketing metrics are easily available to the client organisation to make decisions.

Our CMO client receives weekly reports on marketing team performance based on the latest data.

Clients can run advanced analytics on a clean, freshly updated data set without spending time on data wrangling.

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