Steering brand strategy for a US automotive brand

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We helped our client put insights at the heart of its marketing, and grow brand opinion by 10%.


The client chose Kantar to transform itself into a knowledge-rich, insights-driven marketing organisation. Our role was to synchronise the client’s data infrastructure and analytics, and transform client- and agency-planning with continuous insights while guiding the brand through radical shifts in positioning and messaging to a new audience.


In partnership with the client, we built the CKC with the Analytics Hub as the heart of it. Our workflow: collating and harmonising weekly data, weekly reporting, monthly in-depth reviews, quarterly assessments of ROI, and annual budget planning.


We found that TV, sampling and events marketing were key to building long-term equity, and that the strongest short-term ROI came from social media and trade levers – with trade activation also having a strong negative impact on competitors.


Our client’s Brand Opinion in the last quarter improved by more than 10%, for the first time in years!

Brand building efforts were prioritised with quarterly guidance to optimise spend and prioritise the most impactful media. Lead indicators (Organic search, Website Traffic and Engagement) show steady year-on-year gains.

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