Bold SKU swap decision delivers unexpected growth

Predictive data analytics and innovative range decision-making combine to deliver growth for a CPG brand in a moment of regional stagnation.


A food manufacturer was experiencing a period of brand stagnation across two regions. A range review provided the opportunity to create various growth scenarios based on shopper decision-making unique to each region.


Leveraging RichMix predictive analytics, the CPG manufacturer optimised the range and was able to make growth recommendations by modelling incremental uplift to the category.

Additionally, they were able to support a key core SKU swap by mapping projected outcomes back to regionally-specific shopper profiles, which was key to enabling a new approach to the range.


Growth will come from bold decision-making and granular data inputs. RichMix’s predictive data analytics can uncover incrementality that enables the category team to make innovative category recommendations. In this case, swapping core glass jar SKUs for lower-cost single serve alternatives served a specific shopper need and demonstrated an opportunity for category growth.


The new range recommendations led to retailer growth in category (3.2% growth), incremental sales for the brand across both regions (7.8%), and created space for bold, shopper-based range decision making.

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