Global Brand Health Performance Monitoring System for an alcoholic beverage brand

We helped our client create a data dashboard, to help them easily access and analyse a range of data sets, from 28 markets.


Our client wanted to build a ‘One-Stop Solution’ to access and analyse category data for 28 markets.

Data was sourced from different vendors with different reporting formats and included: Brand Tracking data (4 vendors), Media Data, Retail Audit Data, and Client Financials.

The key issue here was that client end users did not have a single interface to analyse data quickly and answer everyday business questions.


We used our battle-tested approach to address the client's requirements:


Understood, aligned and documented all business, technical and data requirements including a detailed data exploration of different data sources.

Data Collation & Preparation

Collated data for 28 markets from multiple sources and vendors in one place.

Performed structural and data quality checks to ensure that the data was cleaned and consistent.

Data Harmonisation & Data Warehouse

Leveraged our Data Engineering expertise and tools to clean, process and harmonise the data. This was then loaded to a Data Warehouse as a Data Foundation for visualisation and analytics.

Data Visualisation

Created a visualisation platform that enabled rich analysis and provided a user friendly, one-stop solution to explore data in the Datamart


The visual dashboard enabled users to generate quick analysis by slicing and dicing the data in several ways.


The harmonised dataset ensured that minimal time was spent on data preparation for analysis projects.

The manager-ready, easy to use dashboard was adopted by 150+ users.

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