Helping a pet food brand optimise its digital media spend

Applying the Balanced Attribution model from Kantar, our client was able to see brand and sales growth.
35% increase in media ROI
25% increase in purchase intent


Our client wanted to optimise their digital marketing spend for the coming year – with a focus on ad frequency, audience targeting, websites, creative etc. to drive greater sales and interest in the brand overall.


Kantar deployed Balanced Attribution across a meta study combining 21 campaigns.  The top performing strategies were discovered using multi-touch attribution to attribute incremental impact to each exposure.

Custom audience segments were also created from profiles of audiences most likely to be persuaded by the brand’s advertising, creating a target rich segment for the coming year.


Balanced Attribution established that the frequency of ad exposure was higher than necessary and could be dialled back with little sacrifice on brand lift in most segments.  This saved the client significantly media dollars. 

Some segments/products reacted more strongly to ad frequency than others.


Balanced Attribution helped deliver an increase of 25% in purchase intent and 35% in campaign ROI achieving both short and long-term brand objectives.

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