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How to ensure success from idea to finished film; Early-stage development combined with optimisations through LINK+
Louisa Beard, Insights Manager, Twinings & Co, said:

“Kantar have been an amazing partner for us along this creative pre-testing journey. From idea evaluation to animatic and finished film optimization. Their well thought out recommendations were able to ensure we had a strong, powerful and well branded ad that is authentic to the Twinings brand and meets our strategic objectives. This pre-testing process has been praised by the global Twinings business.”


The client was embarking on a new communication platform for Twinings – ‘Wellbeing Down to a Tea’ and wanted to create a meaningful differentiating positioning for Twinings amid a highly competitive market. A set of action standards was set to ensure the campaign was successful at driving both short-term and long-term impact on the brand.  The challenge they wanted to meet was to own the ‘wellbeing’ space in their category.


Concept eValuate on Kantar Marketplace was used to test three ad scripts, helping Twinings arrive at the winning idea and provide early insights on the new communication platform. LINK+ was then employed to develop two animatics and identify the winner.  However, the winner had challenges with branding and enjoyment that were circumvented, and the creative was then optimised. The final stage was to again to use LINK+ to test the final TV execution and give the client confidence in the performance of the creative. 


By leveraging the relevant diagnostics available in LINK+ and using facial coding to decode the power of emotions, we were able to make actionable recommendations on creative optimisation. This included achieving higher enjoyment and branding by ensuring high quality execution of the transformation effects of the brand. Also, by integrating the brand in the most memorable moments they were able to improve branding significantly. 


Implementation of recommendations resulted in high Branding, emotions, and Brand power (all sit in top 30th percentile). The campaign was fully supported by both local and global management team to be launched into market.

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