How Dr. Scholl's has expanded its brand footprint beyond First Aid and Footcare

Dr. Scholl’s, a trusted brand for comfort, support and relief has recently upgraded its existing skin tag remover product to a more holistic offering, necessitating entry into the skincare space. The team turned to Kantar to validate this innovation pipeline, aiming to position the product as a skincare solution.
James McWilliams, Brand Manager Scholl's Wellness, said"The research conducted with Kantar ConceptEvaluate and PackEvaluate allowed us to show our retailers that their consumers more often than not, expect this skin tag remover product to be in the skincare section. This insight enabled us to be more present among skincare buyers."


The client’s goal was to drive more engagement and relevance with target shoppers in US and Canada, who are more likely to be shopping in skincare rather than first-aid sections where the current skin tag remover product is placed.



The team initially used ConceptEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace to validate consumer interest and determine the strongest of two positionings. Next, they tested four packaging options through PackEvaluate. Finally, they used ConceptEvaluate to understand how strongly the winning concept resonated among shoppers in US and Canada.

This approach brought clear understanding of the optimal positioning for this product on shelf, whether in the first-aid or skincare section.



The research provided evidence to support decision-making for the winning concept and packaging among US and Canadian shoppers.The insights from both ConceptEvaluate and PackEvaluate supported the hypothesis that those with skin tags have a desire for a more holistic approach to treatment, with an added focus on skincare restoration. Additionally, the insights built  strong case for the trade, showing that consumers consider this innovation to be a "skincare product" and thus expect to find it in the skincare section in stores.



This three-phased approach was crucial in demonstrating the potential for an upgrade to an already successful product, providing internal confidence in optimal decision-making.

The testing plan with Kantar also helped build a solid story around how best to launch this new innovation: the most motivating pack design, the target audience needs, where to place the product in-store, and which elements of the proposition to communicate to drive purchase. This story has significantly impacted success with trade sell-in.

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