How to optimize the presentation of a new release with agile insight

case study
Helping Cervecera de Canarias to maintain brand authenticity during a new product launch.
Adriana Para Morales, Marketing Manager en AB-InBev, said:

“Huge thanks go to the Kantar team for the important role they played in the final development process of our new product.”


Cervecera de Canarias, is one of the main national beer producers in the Canary Islands. Selling several local brands of beer, including Tropical and Dorada and distributing international brands from the AB InBev Group such as Budweiser and Corona. Their Tropical Sin Filtros brand, is a premium beer that reinforces the attributes of naturalness and authenticity of the tropics with a beer that is more concentrated, has 100% malt, is cloudy without filtering with a fruity touch and slight bitterness. The key challenge of this launch was to capture higher sales volume derived from the premiumization trend without losing its original positioning based on its Canary origin and authenticity.


Cervecera de Canarias wanted to test the concept of Tropical Sin Filtros among potential consumers, as well as testing different packaging alternatives, including variations in colours, shapes and claims to ensure the suitability of the concept and design to the strategic objectives.


Rigorously and in a very short time, ConceptEvaluate and Idea Screening from Kantar Marketplace made it possible to verify the success of the Tropical Sin Filtros proposal and to rank the different alternatives proposed by order of impact on the final consumer.


The insight helped Cervecera de Canarias to confidently make the right decisions and to ensure the successful launch of Tropical Sin Filtros without compromising on their established and successful brand identity.

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