Improving market penetration in Australia for Jarrah and Ovaltine

How BrandEvaluator on Kantar Marketplace helped identify ways to acquire more customers by positively changing customer perceptions.
Louisa Beard, Insights Manager, Twinings & Co., said“The speed of BrandEvaluator was extremely impressive, especially from fieldwork closing to results being available. The extended team are so pleased to finally have robust data for these brands.’’


Jarrah and Ovaltine have a rich and long-standing history in the Australian market, with a strong base of loyal shoppers and users. However, there is an ambition to improve penetration, and Twinings & Co. is looking to accelerate this growth via innovation initiatives to rejuvenate both brands.


Utilising BrandEvaluator on Kantar Marketplace, the team were able to efficiently assess the current brand positioning and identify which areas could effectively achieve their penetration and growth ambitions.


The project team diagnosed the brands' ability to command market share based on consumer perceptions using Kantar's Meaningful Different Salient framework. By unpacking the drivers of Demand Power, Kantar provided a recommendation for which levers the brands need to pull to strengthen their positioning with consumers and grow share.


Speed and agility of results were integral to the approach so the key findings could be assimilated into upcoming strategic planning sessions. Simultaneously, the extended brand teams utilised the intuitive and user-friendly Kantar Marketplace dashboards to learn about the brand's current positioning. 
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