Accelerating the net-zero boardroom conversation

Calum Davies, Head of Membership
“The Sustainable Transformation Practice has been instrumental in enabling us to gain a heightened level of understanding into the challenges our members are facing in their boardrooms, including how we should support them. They are such a brilliant team to work with.”


Chapter Zero equips non-executive directors (NEDs) to lead UK boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change. Their members ensure net-zero ambitions are transformed into strong plans and measurable action. They needed to improve their understanding of their community’s knowledge gaps, to continue making an impact in UK boardrooms.


Despite progress in securing net-zero pledges, 43% of boards have not yet approved, or do not intend to approve, transition plans in the next year. We identified four key strategies for NEDs:
— Position sustainability as a lever of growth
— Seek diverse views to better understand business realities and where there may be net-zero connections
— Connect with other NEDs in their sector and beyond
— Add continually to their skills


We consolidated insights generated from a combination of interviews and quantitative surveys into a member report and microsite. Chapter Zero gained unique, interactive content, built on the real perspectives and experiences of NEDs influencing the net-zero transition. 

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