Activating NZ consumers on brand-led sustainability

Jay Crangle, Manager, Leadership“This work enabled our members to sort the fact from the fiction regarding how to get their sustainable offers to the market, while also challenging them to think about how they can continue to lead and improve.”


New Zealand faces a sustainability value-action gap – meaning consumers fail to select sustainable and ethical goods or services, despite supporting the principles. This presented an opportunity for the Council to influence its members’ commercial propositions, specifically addressing the reasons for and against purchase in each category.


Using a combination of our existing research, our NeedScope product and a survey of 2,000 consumers, we provided an understanding of the barriers to choosing sustainable and ethical
options, and suggested the most effective behavioural and messaging levers to overcome these. We identified opportunities for innovation through a range of value-action gaps. We then
provided brand-specific advice on execution.


The report has already had a direct impact on members’ strategies and tactical execution. This includes guidance on how to maintain sustainability’s central role within business strategy in the face of widespread cost-of-living pressure, as well as evolving their different sustainable brand tones of voice.

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