Designing for the mainstream

Elaine Baker, Research & Insights Reporting Manager“The approach is valuable in our quest for more agility in our pack design. Adding the sustainable audience lens has given us several compelling lessons on how to truly convey sustainability credentials for our Lost Lager brand.”


Craft brewers BrewDog wanted to understand how to best convey their sustainability credentials for their Lost Lager brand, and whether the pack designs and messaging would resonate with consumers less interested in sustainability.


With an audience characterised by their high level of engagement in sustainability, we used the Pack eValuate screening tool to test different designs. Manipulating messaging, designs and short-cut logos to convey sustainability credentials, we provided a shortlist of preferred pack designs and clear diagnostic insights.


Our findings have been fed into BrewDog’s long-term packaging strategy. They reinforce how even small changes to colour, design and messaging can have a strong impact on intuitive appeal, and lead to a more considered assessment of the pack by different

Findings included:
— Sustainable messaging needs to be succinct.
— Green adds to the appeal across all consumer types.
— Collective messaging (eg, ‘Let’s plant together’) creates a broad appeal

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