Proving sustainability grows brand penetration

Yerik Rod, Global Insights Director“Sustainability has been a great success in supporting our Pep+ goals. Thanks again for the simple yet powerful story you have pulled together.”


PepsiCo’s end-to-end transformation strategy, Pep+, focuses on positive action for the planet and people. They wanted to demonstrate the impact sustainability activities can have on
brand performance, and to quantify the related opportunity for PepsiCo brands.


We took a detailed look into PepsiCo categories, measuring PepsiCo brands’ performance with ‘eco-actives’, quantifying the opportunity to improve their brands’ penetration among that segment of the market. This allowed us to hone in on the dollar value available to the
business by driving its sustainability performance in each category. Subsequently, by identifying the sustainability credentials employed by over-performing brands with eco-actives, we could point PepsiCo to how to win.


Case studies backed by purchase data highlighted sustainability success stories that really increased brand penetration in the market. The project has been key to the Pep+ strategy, provides workable guidance, and prioritises sustainability opportunities. PepsiCo circulated the study widely throughout its organisation at regional and executive levels, to support the transformation of the portfolio. campaigns.

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