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How Banco Galicia managed to communicate a new product in its brand ecosystem in an impactful and efficient way
Juliana Uva, Content Manager Banco Galicia, said:

“By working with Kantar, we got learnings that gave us the possibility of making the flight efficient and taking decisions based on data and analyses. The results of the different studies gave us insights and quality information that determined our next communication efforts.


The team has an approach, view, follow-up, and accompaniment, which is very professional, contributing a very important added value. Today is impossible not to have these processes to make strategic decisions.”


Banco Galicia is one of the leaders in its category and for a while now it has been widening its brand ecosystem, transforming its reach to the Fintech universe. Therefore, it was important to achieve impactful, modern and innovative communications which efficiently convey their new products and the benefits, in a clear and appealing way.


To pre-test the launch creative of a new a retailer collection payment system, the team decided to use the LINK+ solution. They conducted a study incorporating the core modules of LINK+, but also utilised other modules mapped to the clients' specific objectives including, branding diagnosis, brand predisposition, engagement and persuasion.


Thus, they were able to understand what was most valued by the respondents creative-wise and the reach in terms of rational response. The team received the learning that the target more than ever expected impactful, innovative and different ads, especially in a category where the communication is so dynamic.


The AlmaceNave ad produced excellent scores creative-wise, standing out in being unique, original and involving the audience, from an insight that had emotional, humoristic and close ingredients.
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