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Banco galicia
How Banco Galicia used BrandCampaign testing on Kantar Marketplace to redefine its media strategy and focus on its most relevant messages
Juliana Uva, Content Manager of Banco Galicia, said: 
“Running BrandCampaign studies via Kantar Marketplace allowed us to clearly identify the opportunities in relation to the advertising assets we’d already created. Mainly on what message we should focus and concentrate our investment on, according to relevance and differentiation potential to build the brand. The research helped us to take strategic and tactical decisions, and the result was clearly seen in the performance of the brand. We had significant growth in very relevant KPIs by the end of the year.” 


Banco Galicia is one of the leaders in its category and for some time it has been widening its brand ecosystem, transforming its reach into the Fintech universe. As a result of this strategy, it was important they achieve impactful, modern and innovative communications that efficiently convey the new product benefits, in a clear and appealing way.


By testing two of the brand’s ads with the BrandCampaign tool, the insights gathered allowed Banco Galicia to discover which messages to focus on in future communication. These critical insights enabled them to make the best use of the assets they had already created. 


A lot of focus was placed on these messages in the months following the launch of the campaign. The messages identified by the research were both relevant and differentiating for the brand, anchoring consumer perception to client service quality and 24/7 service. By confidently focusing in this way they aimed to strongly build the KPI “Good service/client service,” as measured in their brand health tracking study. 


The results were excellent, and the brand ended the year with a significant growth in this metric. BrandCampaign helped to identify to the optimal approach to utilising existing advertising assets. This helped to maximise the brand benefit of their marketing during the year by finding the most differentiating and relevant message for consumers. It also greatly helped them focus their messaging on the right media strategy.
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