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Our Sustainable Transformation Practice worked with Chapter Zero to better understand their members’ experiences of accelerating the net zero conversation in the boardroom.
Calum Davies, Head of Membership, Chapter Zero"The Sustainable Transformation Practice at Kantar have quite frankly been instrumental in enabling us to gain a heightened level of understanding into the challenges our members are facing in their boardrooms, including how they are driving climate action and what this means for how we support them going forward. They are such a brilliant team to work with, I honestly cannot recommend them enough."


Chapter Zero equips non-executive directors (NEDs) to lead crucial UK boardroom discussions on the impacts of climate change. Their members are helping ensure their companies are fit for the future and that global net zero ambitions are transformed into robust plans and measurable action. They do this through providing events, access to leading climate expertise, peer connectivity, toolkits and other areas of content designed for those who are just starting to engage with climate change in their boardroom, as well as for those who are more experienced.

The organisation identified a need to better understand the priority climate knowledge gaps of the community they have built, so that they could continue to deliver impact in UK boardrooms.


We conducted 14x Vision Interviews with NED members of Chapter Zero and conducted a quantitative survey of 127 of their NED members across sectors. With this insight, we created a consolidated member audience report and built a microsite to share our learnings on how NEDs are guiding the net zero transition in the public domain.


Despite progress with securing net zero pledges, 43% of NEDs say one or more of their boards has not yet or does not intend to approve a transition plan in the next financial year. NEDs therefore need most support developing transition plans versus other areas related to net zero (e.g. KPI definition). Through the research, we also identified 4 key accelerators for NEDs to move the dial on climate:

  • Reframe: Position sustainability as a growth lever, not a growth inhibiter
  • Listen: Seek diverse voices across the business to gain a deeper understanding of business realities and how they intersect with net zero
  • Learn: Continuously upskill on net zero in relation to your sector(s)
  • Collaborate: Connect with other NEDs in your sector and beyond


This insight helped Chapter Zero to:

  • Better understand the needs and focuses of their membership of non-executive directors and use this information to inform the organisation’s evolving strategy
  • Track the impact of its member programme and the change this is driving in UK boardrooms
  • Understand how its members are driving climate action on their boards
  • Create unique, interactive content that brings to the fore the real perspectives and experiences of NEDs driving the net zero transition.
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