Testing cultural relevance of a new pharma brand identity

pharma brand case study
We carefully approached a sensitive topic with a tailored audience to gather reliable data to inform the final visual identity for a brand.
Client testimonial“We were extremely satisfied working with the Kantar team. Throughout the project they were responsive and able to quickly respond to our needs, including adding reporting to help us more readily convert our audience data into action. Our new brand identity has been guided by this, delivering a strong and clear message to allow our business to flourish in the future.”


Our client, a large global biopharmaceutical company, created a new brand identity that needed to be tested before it was launched in market. Aiming to portray the evolution of their business and the personal touch bought to the treatments they pioneer, it was crucial that they reached real opinions from their target audience. Testing the logo across cultures to ensure no negative connotations would be drawn by the new visuals was a key element to the task.

Feedback was needed from a niche group of Oncologists, Haematologists, Rheumatologists and Cardiologists, as well as internal employees.


Kantar worked with the client to produce an online survey fielded with the Kantar Profiles Network in Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to programming and managing the fieldwork of the study, Kantar provided critical advice on how to approach the questions. Given the sensitive nature of the task and need to understand the Muslim landscape, Kantar advised on how best to engage medical professionals and extract the needed insights without explicitly asking if there was any offence or negativity caused by the logo. To maximise engagement and encourage rich feedback on religious and cultural perceptions, Kantar utilised our award-winning and proprietary programming tools proven to increase engagement and provide robust data returns.


Through the resulting survey, the client gained in-depth understanding of their audience’s perceptions, which was used to mould their final logo. Because of the careful way the questions were asked and visually presented, the client unearthed valuable response data, including the verification that the logo’s graphical device would not have a negative connotation with a Muslim audience.


Armed with this assurance, the client achieved a simple and universal expression of healing, giving and receiving care and a representation of humanity. Their new brand fully embodies the company vision and embraces the client’s commitment of compassionate science and putting patients first.

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