Patient insights from online multiple sclerosis community

Kantar's Online Community methodology provided a more intimate view of the life of MS patients, helping our client to optimise its patient strategy.


A global pharmaceutical company wanted a greater level of insight into the decision-making process of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients for choosing treatments. The company engaged Kantar, a world-class healthcare partner providing innovative research methodologies, proprietary data assets and patient-centric approaches.

Our client’s blockbuster MS therapy was nearing its patent expiry, and the company sought to enhance its brand connection with MS patients and reaffirm its position amid market changes. The client sought an adaptive solution that was flexible and could address changing business requirements as they occurred.


Kantar proposed a 10-week online research community where new themed content, exercises and questions were uploaded weekly for discussion and completion. This approach catered to the longitudinal nature of the client’s informational needs and created efficiency and savings by eliminating the need to re-recruit respondents for each piece of research. This format also allowed for responses to be monitored in real-time, enabling discussion around planned and unplanned research topics that emerged. 


This approach gave us and the client a depth of insight that would have been difficult to obtain otherwise, and an intimate view of the life of MS patients. 


Our client used the insights gained from this study to optimise its patient strategy and ultimately inform brand communications. The value of the exercise was reciprocated by patients, as many have maintained a relationship with the client and provided ongoing feedback on patient matters.

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