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Case Study Bouygues Group
Kantar helps Bouygues Group by delivering accurate campaign performance intelligence to enable better decision making.
Pierre Auberger, Communication Director, Bouygues Group“Monitoring requires high standards, precision and strong responsiveness. Kantar’s work quality reflects our own work quality. Even if we receive 99% of the information, adding the final 1% can make all the difference. The vast majority of Kantar’s work is delivered on time, but we keep vigilant as it could be the final 1% which is key to understanding the whole story, and our goal is to anticipate any challenge.”


Bouygues relies on our media monitoring solutions to deliver accurate intelligence on the performance of their campaigns and to inform senior business leaders on the progress of strategic communications objectives.


We deliver intelligence across a range of key topics, including corporate reputation, policy, stakeholder engagement and the economy. Our data supports key communication decisions taken by the various senior leaders at Bouygues Group, including the CEO and board. Regular analysis reports are augmented by an annual quantitative overview which offers new perspectives on performance and the media trends most relevant to Bouygues.


Our data provides the foundation for Bouygues’ internal media research and conclusions. Bouygues uses multiple KPIs to assess its media performance:

  1. Quantitative trends over time, to compare media impact year-on-year.
  2. Shifts in media interest in Bouygues’ key business sectors and operating subsidiaries,
  3. Sentiment to measure media responses to campaigns and corporate engagement, and
  4. Emerging themes in media reporting and the key reputation drivers of reputation risk and success


Thanks to our analysis, Bouygues gains an objective understanding of its performance and the wider media environment. For example; the context of media discussion and the impact opinion has on the company’s reputation, the media outlets most relevant to Bouygues, the opinion leaders.

Our media intelligence makes a positive contribution to Bouygues’ communication planning. The analysis we provide, including daily monitoring reports, are rich and useful. They enable our client to respond to detected changes in media behaviour, adapt their strategy and pivot to exploit new opportunities and to manage risks.

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