Profiling Dailymotion audiences across markets to validate and drive product marketing

Profiling Dailymotion audiences
Dailymotion needed globally harmonised insights on platform viewing behaviours to profile key audiences and validate their product marketing strategy.


Dailymotion is a global video streaming service and video sharing platform that connects more than 350 million monthly users to the video content that is most relevant to them.

Dailymotion needed to understand the viewing preferences of local audiences and identify global trends in media consumption to determine a competitive positioning in the market.


Kantar offers international data and insight on media preferences and consumption patterns through TGI Global Quick View, a globally harmonised dataset.

Dailymotion accessed TGI Global Quick View to establish a global view on content preferences and platform behaviours in key markets.


With significant coverage of brands in the audio, paid, and free video streaming spaces, TGI Global Quick View enabled Dailymotion to benchmark and evaluate their product offering and platform experience against key competitors.

By unlocking a comprehensive picture of global viewing trends, Dailymotion was able to inform its product marketing with an accurate, fully representative profile of target audiences that was consistent and applicable across markets.


TGI Global Quick View provided vital consumer insights to enable an in-depth understanding of global and local audiences.

By employing the dataset to guide audience profiling and opportunity recognition, Dailymotion uncovered key audience insights to validate product marketing and support advertising sales.

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