Delivering power to change through Trade Promotion Management

Retail trade promotion case study
With our TPM solutions, Orkla was able to create a digital strategy that dramatically improved their promotion processes in the short-term and long-term, creating the basis for sustained profitable growth.


Orkla was operating on disjointed systems that didn’t grant the right control on their large amounts of data and complex organisational processes. To profitably run trade promotions, they needed to move away from their current system and begin their digital transformation journey through a TPx implementation.


We provided Orkla with our end-to-end Trade Promotion Management and Optimisation solution to serve as the core engine of their new system landscape – that includes business systems as ERP, enterprise Datawarehouse, supply chain management, CRM – utilised across different countries.

Automated Sales Forecast is supported by a machine learning engine, that can provide reliable future sales predictions – including forward-buying, promo dip and cannibalisation – under specific promo strategies and events.

Our TPx solution was configured to be able to manage and harmonise the local needs of the Swedish and Norwegian Orkla businesses and to simplify and support the companies’ holistic promotional process.


Orkla, with the TPx system, was able to collect all the needed promotional data, organise it, and present it to all the necessary stakeholders according to locally defined KPIs and needs. When a promo workflow supports the process, the system automatically updates the promotions in real-time and the related data can be made available to warehouses, where it becomes accessible and able to fuel the whole company value chain.


Through the TPx solution, Orkla was able to collect, structure and manage the promotional evaluation, with the result of creating better and more effective promotions. In addition, they dramatically improved information management, business development, and customer relationships.

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