Designing a smarter Portfolio & Growth Strategy for Pandora

We helped Pandora design a robust 3-5 year consumer centric growth strategy, using existing insight and fresh analysis, to inform portfolio, positioning and innovation.


Pandora is the world’s largest volume jewellery company, but demand for their much loved charms business appeared to be softening. The business understood they needed to create a strategy to help them rejuvenate the core, while also fuelling the brand with more.


Kantar's Consulting team define the demand landscape, prioritised the design universes ripe for Pandora, created a portfolio map to define each collection’s role for the consumer and brand, and developed a supporting roadmap for delivery against ambitions through new innovations, targeting and positioning.


To future proof the business for success, and tap into the breadth of a fragmented category, understanding the unique consumer needs & design aesthetic universes is key to creating culturally relevant designs that meaningfully connect with different audiences.


Through reanalysing existing data and purposeful collaboration, we were able to clearly articulate each collection’s role in the business and its positioning to address clear consumer need and design desire. This distinction in the portfolio has allowed for more effective marketing – increasing brand relevance for target audience, optimised 360 communication strategy, and supporting fewer but bigger bets.

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