Validating Google’s ABCD framework with the power of artificial intelligence

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We used Link AI to analyse over 11,000 ads in less than a month, revealing key drivers of effective creative


Thousands of advertisers have used the ABCD framework and millions of ads have performed better because of it. 
Google chose Kantar to validate this framework to provide proof on short-term and long-term performance impacts for advertisers.


Kantar developed a custom model designed to identify the creative features that are likely to drive short-term sales and long-term brand equity. 

  • Scored 11,000 ads through Link AI in one month’s time.
  • Through analysis, we uncovered the impact of 180 creative features on both short and long-term outcomes.


After modeling the data, we identified a strong correlation between the ABCDs and predicted short term sales lift and long-term brand equity.
With this validation Google was able to publish a claim that “ads that follow the ABCDs as a guide have been shown to yield 30% lift in short-term sales likelihood and 17% lift in long-term brand contribution.”


Evaluating creative effectiveness at scale uncovered new insights into creating better video ads on YouTube and provided growth from following Google’s ABCD framework. 

Using traditional survey methods, a study of this size this would have been cost prohibitive and taken over a year. Link AI enabled the study to be conducted in a fraction of the time. 

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