Balancing competing campaign objectives with multi-touch attribution

There has never been a more important time to balance campaign objectives, especially between short-run sales objectives and longer-run brand health.
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The immediate impulse of many advertisers is often to focus exclusively on short-term sales gains at the expense of brand health. However, if advertisers fail to account for the relationship between brand and sales, they:

  • Short change the value of brand
  • Underspend on brand
  • And get sub-optimal sales results

Our research finds that most advertisers are not making this connection today, and it leads to a drastic overspend on performance marketing. In doing so, they give up lots of brand lift and gain little incremental sales lift when they allocate budget in an extreme way towards sales lift.

In our white paper, Balancing Campaign Objectives with Multi-Touch Attribution, we show how campaign balance, and holistic measurement and planning, generally serve the enterprise better than a myopic, sales-only focus.

Kantar’s Balanced Attribution® approach provides this capability at a time when it is most critically needed. Performance marketing works best when you get the balance right because brand is an enabler and multiplier of lower funnel sales efforts. When upper and lower funnel are connected, as in Kantar’s Balanced Attribution method, these problems are overcome. Once connected, there is strong incentive for brand and performance groups to cooperate and jointly plan and optimise. This is where we find a natural balance point between brand and sales lift.

To find out more, download the paper below.

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