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03 May 2023
Jack Hamlin

Global Client Director ComTech, Worldpanel Division

“We are becoming indispensable brand partners to the world’s leading brands.”
Will Bordelon
Chief Executive Officer,
Insights America


CEO of Vivvix (a Kantar company)
Our Profiles division connects brands with people and enables a rich understanding of target
audiences. We offer the world’s highest quality, privacy-compliant and representative access
panels, including exclusive access to Kantar’s LifePoints panel.

We combine award-winning expertise for survey design and innovation with Kantar’s Profiles
Network, the industry’s largest network of programmatic sample supply, to meet all sampling, profiling, data integration and activation needs.

“We are the global authority for sourcing the most meaningful
data from the highest quality and most engaged panels.”
Caroline Frankum
Chief Executive Officer,
Profiles Division

Our Worldpanel division provides expertise in understanding shopper behaviour around the
world, offering continuous shopper monitoring, advanced analytics and tailored solutions
to inform retail and marketing strategies.

Worldpanel tracks purchase and usage behaviour data through the largest consumer panels in the world. Our vertical expertise includes consumer goods, retail and e-commerce, foodservice, beauty, home care, fashion, media and entertainment, technology and telecoms,
among other.

“We are the global leaders in behavioural research, delivering the most accurate and complete understanding of real consumer
Guillaume Bacuvier
Chief Executive Officer,
Worldpanel Division

Our Numerator business is expert in first-party shopper behaviour data across North America.
Numerator’s proprietary data brings together rich consumer profiles with the detailed shopping behaviour of more than one million households in an on-demand platform, to help companies understand their customers and identify growth opportunities.

“We are bringing speed and scale to behavioural insights to allow brands to identify new growth more easily.”
Eric Belcher
Chief Executive Officer, Numerator

Kantar Media
Our Kantar Media division is expert in understanding the changing media landscape.
This includes audience measurement – reporting all viewing on all platforms, consumer profiling and targeting with TGI and in-depth advertising intelligence. Our versatility, scale, technology and expertise enable our teams to understand audiences and support growth for our clients.

In 2023, Kantar Media will begin operating as an independent entity with its own governance
structure within the Kantar Group, while the North American advertising intelligence business
will rebrand as ‘Vivvix, a Kantar company’.

“We have the versatility, scale, technology and expertise across the world to unlock audiences and drive growth for our clients .”
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