DIMENSION 2018: The momentum towards integration

Get a deeper understanding of the key communication planning, buying and measurement issues facing the media industry.
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DIMENSION is Kantar’s groundbreaking media study. We’ve surveyed 5,000 “connected consumers” age 18+ and interviewed industry leaders across five of the largest media markets in the world – the US, UK, France, Brazil and China.

The result: an overview of the major trends and innovations shaping the world of media and communications planning. The findings are broken down into four key areas of focus:

Mining for meaningful data

How are consumer trends evolving in relation to media use and attitudes towards advertising? How are leaders integrating the mass of data available into how they work?

No junk mail, please

What is the impact of ad avoidance and what can be done to minimise its effect?

Combination theory: unlocking the power

How are brand owners turning to non-advertising channels to communicate with consumers and what impact that is having?

A whole new (old) world?

How is the industry quantifying consumer uptake of new communication technologies? What do industry leaders see as coming next?

As the leading provider of connected intelligence for the media sector, Kantar is committed to driving dialogue and trends on the changing landscape. The destination is clearer – we need to work together to arrive there. Download your copy of DIMENSION today to learn more!

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