Consumer ‘trust trap’ risk for advertising industry seeking post-pandemic recovery

Kantar’s 2020 DIMENSION study – Media & Me – reveals how increasing consumer media choice presents opportunities and challenges for the industry.
12 May 2020
DIMENSION 2020 - Media & Me
gary brown

Head of Brand & Communications, Media Division

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Kantar is today releasing its annual DIMENSION study revealing how brands, media owners and agencies can all win in an increasingly personalised media world.

The study – formed of three reports – is launching at a time when media consumption is increasing, and consumers have more choice then ever before with content tailored to their (perceived) preferences. Could an overt focus on reach, however, impact a brand’s trustworthiness? And what role does data play as brands determine the right balance between short-term need and long-term recovery?

Kantar’s DIMENSION study seeks to answer these critical questions from three different, but complementary viewpoints, in order to address the communications planning, buying and measurement issues faced by the media industry. They are:

Uniquely, the DIMENSION study reflects the response and attitudes from twin perspectives: those of the industry’s practitioners and those of the consumers they are trying to reach. This year’s study features testimony from more than 50 leaders representing organisations such as Google, P&G, Unilever, Diageo, NATO and Wavemaker as well as a survey of 8,000 connected consumers across eight markets that account for two thirds of global ad spend.

Media & Me is a fitting theme for our annual flagship study as the industry seeks to maximise the opportunities brought about by a more personalised media landscape,” comments Andy Brown, CEO of Kantar’s Media Division, “however the pitfalls of consumer privacy concerns and their trust of the media at large are risks that can be mitigated through improved measurement and understanding of consumer behaviours and opinions.”

The three reports are available free to view via the links above or via our dedicated DIMENSION section

Please note: the fieldwork and depth interviews for this study were carried out between November 2019 and February 2020.

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