Placing the Future

A deep dive into the effectiveness of virtual in-content advertising validated through new bespoke research methods
17 August 2022


Placing the Future: Traditional paid media ads are typically attached to content – for example, an ad break dividing up a TV show, or a pre-roll ad before an online video – but what about placement into the content itself? In recent years In-Content advertising has seen significant growth, with Virtual Product Placement emerging as an innovative way for brands looking to reach their audience in novel and impactful ways.  

Our team worked with leading industry publisher Mirriad, who specialise in these placements. Mirriad’s offering means that advertisers no longer need to place physical products into content when it is being produced, but rather can place intelligently informed virtual/CGI product placements retroactively into any number of content pieces.   

Kantar have developed a bespoke research framework measuring 20+ Mirriad activations for brand equity and creative strength in order to shed light on this industry frontier. The results are eye-opening, with clear emergent best practices. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Download the whitepaper