Webinar: Which ad platforms do people prefer?

In an ever-evolving media landscape, Media Reactions 2022 reveals the environments where consumers are most receptive to advertising to help you navigate media decisions.
10 August 2022
How people react to media
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It’s been a challenging time for media investment. Companies were quick to cut back when the pandemic hit, then started to reinvest with the economic recovery in 2021. Now marketers face inflationary pressures, and of course, the number of digital channels has exploded and digital spend continues to grow.

Campaigns are seven times more impactful among a receptive audience – so you need to know which channels and platforms consumers are most receptive towards.

So how can you make informed media choices?

In this webinar, we will provide an inside track into the evolving media landscape and reveal new findings from Media Reactions 2022, a global survey of around 18,000 consumers in 29 markets and 1,000 senior marketers.

Watch on demand to find out:

  • how consumers and marketers perceive advertising platforms
  • the ranking of consumers’ most preferred media channels and brands
  • how perceptions of media channels and brands have changed
  • trends in creative testing
  • how to stay relevant in an evolving media landscape

Watch on demand

About Media Reactions 2022

Media Reactions is an annual study that provides a comprehensive overview of the evolving media landscape to help advertisers, media agencies and media owners navigate media decisions with a robust understanding of advertising attitudes. It reveals a global ranking of media channels and media brands based on both consumer and marketer preferences. With insights from around 18,000 consumers in 29 markets and 1,000 senior marketers globally, it provides a long-term perspective on what people expect from advertising environments.

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