Agile market research

Market research is experiencing a transformational moment, fuelled by a combination of new technologies and a more iterative way of thinking. Learn how the most iconic brands use agile consumer insights to respond faster to changing market conditions and consumer needs.

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Crystal ball
It’s an exciting time for the advertising industry as the role and potential of AI is becoming clearer. For advertisers, understanding the strengths and use cases for AI testing solutions will be key to success.
Hands planting a tree
Here's how Kantar helped BrewDog understand which designs would best convey sustainability credentials for the Lost Lager brand.
A face covered in neon paints
In a fractured and fractious world, the need to understand the diversity of emotions that advertising can evoke is greater than ever. Fast feedback from leading-edge facial coding can help.
Speeding lights in train tunnel
In a complex, ever-changing environment, speed to insights is essential. But having confidence in your data is a requirement for making bold decisions that drive growth.

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