The future of Tech Enabled Life

An inquiry into 36+ billion search data points across the globe creates a compelling narrative about the role, value, and importance of technology in the consumer’s world. While the debate about AI, robotics taking over jobs, livelihoods and potentially the world flares up, consumers show no signs of despair.
03 August 2023

Global Insights, Digital (Dx) Analytics, Kantar

There is genuine interest to know more, understand, embrace, and adopt. Consumers appear to be in control of the tech narrative in their lives and in sync with the developments taking place around them. Engagement levels oscillate based on the peaks and valleys in their search behavior. Perhaps it is a case of knowing when to switch off or tune out. And they are doing just that, actively and with intention.

As AI gradually makes its presence felt across the different facets of our lives, many leverage it to elevate their experiences or to simply enjoy everything it enables. The understanding of tech and how it can be leveraged to fuel personal goals is not only established but also accepted. Many are pushing the envelope further by demanding and embracing more. 

Through this global inquiry in search data, we have uncovered 6 trends linked to 3 core consumer needs.

To create a vision for tech tomorrow, we have layered our understanding of the macro shifts driving behaviour today with these emerging trends that provide early signals of tomorrow’s big bet. In this context we expect tech to: 

• Continue to remove friction from stressed, time-poor lives.

• Connect more people to each other, drive inclusivity and create immersive ways to absorb content.

• Harmonise smart homes to become self-diagnosing, self-correcting eco-systems that provide optimal protection.

• Put the power back into people’s hands through wellness-tech enabling accurate health forecasting for individuals.

• Become the ultimate leveller of the global talent field, providing access to skilled work opportunities. 

• Safeguard consumer’s personal data and safety.

• Gamify everyday experiences to help craft better habits and make mundane tasks more engaging.

Download the full report to learn how technology is set to transform the daily lives of consumers and uncover insights that will enable brands to identify future innovation and growth opportunities.

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