Balancing act: driving sales today and generating demand tomorrow

A Marketing ROI framework for measurement, prediction and optimisation can help marketers integrate sales and brand goals, allocating their budget more wisely.
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Partner, Brand & Marketing ROI, Analytics Practice

Satya Menon

Managing Partner, Brand & Marketing ROI

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Observation based upon previous economic downturns demonstrate that business leaders are quick to rein in spending when hard times hit. Anticipating reductions in sales, businesses are inclined to cut back on variable costs, including marketing. Pressure to deliver quarterly results creates a misconception of growth in the short-term, but this often comes at the expense of building long-term brand profitability.

This paper explains the need for balancing performance marketing and brand building. This is how and why sustainable brands grow. Balancing the long and short-term is even more critical during these times, where budgets are under pressure and immediate focus skews towards the short-term. It is extremely important to protect brand equity as history has demonstrated strong brands weather financial turbulence better than other brands.

Using a Marketing ROI framework for measurement, prediction and optimisation, marketers demonstrate an ability to integrate sales and brand goals, ultimately being more successful allocating their budget to enable growth.

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