secures its place as the most valuable Dutch brand

Kantar BrandZ Top 30 Dutch Brands grow their total value by 10%
25 April 2024
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Bram van Schaik
van Schaik

General Manager, Kantar Insights, the Netherlands

The most valuable Dutch brands have grown by 10% in overall brand value, according to the new Kantar BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands 2024 report. Reaching a total value of almost $80 billion over the past year, brands in the Netherlands continue to punch above their weight in generating brand value, with the third-highest brand value per capita of all countries with Kantar BrandZ rankings.

For the first time, is the most valuable Dutch brand, soaring in value by 40% to $16bn. Providing great quality and value to customers, has transformed from a hotel booking site to an essential travel services brand that is integral to people’s daily life, scoring high on both Demand and Pricing Power. The brand has had a high-profile presence at the Super Bowl for the past three years with ad campaigns featuring Idris Elba, Melissa McCarthy and this year, Tina Fey, helping to strengthen awareness globally. 

Heineken (No.2; $13.3bn) has been the most consistent brand in terms of its presence in the Top 30 over the past five years. Celebrating its 150th birthday in 2023, Heineken remains at the forefront of new product innovation, with Heineken 0.0 helping to make alcohol-free beer an acceptable drinking alternative. Financial Services brand, ING (No.3; $9.5bn), completes the Top 3.

Action (No.7; $3.2bn) is the highest-rising brand for the second year running, growing by 41%. The distinctive discount retailer continues to put budget-level pricing at the heart of its brand promise, alongside a strong and diverse product range that delights shoppers and hits the right price point. This price positioning has allowed Action to survive at a time when Dutch consumers have begun to hit their upper tolerance limit on price increases, and also drives its continued expansion overseas.

At a time when many economies are struggling, the Netherlands offers a place of relative calm and stability for brands, which is evident in our 2024 ranking with its strong brand value growth. It’s clear that brands that are perceived to offer value and can meet consumers’ needs at a time when they are struggling with rising prices will increase their demand power and ultimately grow brand value. For example, top brand,, may not position itself as low-cost, but consumers perceive it as offering higher value than competitors at a lower price, which drives repeat business.

The Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Dutch Brands 2024

 2024 Rank Brand  Category  Brand Value 
(USD mil) 

 Consumer Technology and Services Platforms

 2  Heineken  Alcohol  13,305
 3  ING  Financial Services  9,513
 4  Philips  Conglomerate  6,523
 5  KPN  Telecom Providers  5,185
 6  Rabobank  Financial Services  3,414
 7  Action  Retail  3,191
 8  Ziggo  Telecom Providers  2,849
 9  Spar  Retail  2,192
 10  ABN AMRO  Financial Services  2,045


Two new brands enter the Dutch brand ranking in 2024: Odido ($1.5bn) at No.12 and Essent ($385m) at No.25. Odido emerged in the market when T-Mobile and Tele2 rebranded into Odido last year with new shopfronts, distinctive pastel-coloured touchpoints and a more modern look and feel appearing overnight to the surprise of customers. Energy provider, Essent, is another strong brand in the Dutch market, scoring high on Meaningful Salience and subsequently on Demand Power.

Brands that are Meaningful, Different and Salient 

Analysis of leading brands from all over the world shows that the strongest brands – ones that have built up deeper and broader consumer connections over time – are Meaningful, Different and Salient. Iconic supermarket chain Albert Heijn (No.14; $1.3bn) scores well across all three metrics, having built strong meaningful associations through its well-designed products and advertising centred around family and featuring distinctive characters like supermarket manager Ilse.

Personal care brand, Rituals (No.18; $922m) has developed a philosophy focussed on relaxation, and together with its distinctive look and feel, has built a strong sense of Difference. Bol (No.15; $1.1bn) is the most meaningful brand, with Dutch shoppers preferring the online retailer over Amazon.
24 brands in the Dutch Top 30 have above-average Demand Power, the ‘want it’ factor that predisposes consumers to choose a brand. Leisure brand Basic-Fit (No.17; $936m) tops the Demand Power list, with affordable membership and accessible fitness core to its brand purpose. 

Local Jewels deliver Demand Power

Several brands sitting outside of the Top 30 ranking also have impressive Demand Power and Future Power among consumers. These ‘Local Jewels’ include plant-based food pioneer, The Vegetarian Butcher.

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