Cracking Purpose: A framework for best-in-class purpose execution

Read our report on the elements that create leading purpose-driven campaigns, and the best ways to shape, guide and evaluate future executions.
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cracking purpose
Sarah Capers

Head of Brand, Consulting Division, North America

Josephine Simple

Cultural Insight & Brand Analyst

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Defining what makes purpose-driven marketing campaigns successful has historically been more art than science. In an effort to shift the balance squarely back in favour of science, the ARF and Kantar have introduced Cracking Purpose, a study that identifies the elements that create leading purpose-driven campaigns and provides a best-in-class framework to shape, guide and evaluate future executions.

The study considered existing theory and, as one might expect, analysis of creative award winners such as those entered into the ARF’s Ogilvy Awards, the WARC Awards and Cannes Lions. The study also explored social networks, editorials and industry platforms to identify the most talked about brands and organisations within the brand purpose debate. It also takes into account those campaigns that were less successful and even those which resulted in negative outcomes.

According to Adweek’s Creative 100, crafting a successful purpose campaign is all about strategy. “Creatively awarded campaigns drive effectiveness by generating fame in the short term and price inelasticity in the long term,” Adweek’s staff wrote. A good creative strategy should ensure a tight link to the brand, work with the brain rather than against it, and utilise emotion towards the brand’s purposes.

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