How disruption can fuel brand growth

7 steps marketers can take to disrupt in order to drive growth.
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lightning disruption

New analysis of 2000 brands measured in the BrandZ™ global brand equity database shows that fewer than 1 in 10 brands grew between 2014 and 2017.

In the same three-year period, Amazon, the quintessential disruptive brand, more than doubled its brand value simply by making more people's lives easier and less expensive.

While every brand can't be an Amazon, Netflix or Airbnb, just a 1% change in market share for an established brand can deliver significant growth.

To change the odds in their favour, conventional brands need to take their lead from the fast-growing disruptors. It's time for marketers to get out of the comfort zone, add a little disruption to the mix and create new opportunities for growth.

Our latest report, How Disruption Can Fuel Brand Growth, explores case studies that demonstrate a range of strategies which have led to growth for established brands across categories, and covers 7 steps marketers can take to disrupt to drive growth.

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