How to optimise execution in a digital world by turning blind spots into hot interactions

In the new normal, brands will need to live five principles to facilitate connection and nurture meaningful brand experience.
28 July 2020
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Entering the new normal: A digitally-driven world

COVID-19 has drastically changed the landscape of sales and marketing. It’s no wonder that operationalising has been brands’ top priority to ensure survival.

However, the ‘new normal’ is nearly upon us and society will soon accelerate into a digitally-driven world.

Brand experience will have a new home and the rules of engagement will be re-written: touchpoints will no longer exist as static moments, instead, they will manifest in dynamic interactions. There will be a movement from digital and physical channels, to a non-binary ecosystem. We will see the “before, during and after” shopper journey transform into an ongoing relationship between brand and consumer. Priorities must be adjusted now, so that brands don’t get left behind.

Identifying the blind spot: Interactions with impact, across the experience blueprint

For many non-native brands, the big blind spot has been missing an opportunity to weave meaningful points of contact throughout the ecosystem of interaction – from recruiting, to sharing.

To unlock growth for revenue, equity and sales, the objective therefore needs to be adjusted from operationalising to optimising execution. Only then can brands truly embark on a journey towards powerful brand experience.  

But right now, we must learn from those who have paved the way.

Learning from the best: The five key principles

Nike is renowned for showing up in the right way, in the moments that matter most. Underpinning this is an innate belief that everyone is an athlete. By empowering communities globally, Nike continue to nurture their ecosystem of interaction.

So, how do they do it?

  1. Think about the whole ecosystem.

    Nike are masters at creating experiences that are meaningful in people’s lives and consider how they can optimise across the entire ecosystem of interaction.

  2. Translate your purpose into a relevant need, creating a platform for people to engage with your brand in full colour.

    Nike’s recent digitally-integrated campaign, ‘Play Inside, Play for the World,’ tapped into a timely need for education. Simultaneously, it created a platform which brings people together under a fully-realised brand identity.

  3. Create content with intention – that helps people achieve their job to be done and also facilitates connection.

    Through their ecosystem of engagement apps, feeds of workouts are catered to individuals’ goals. Content is created with purpose to focus on consumer needs, whilst also shaping the conditions for genuine community connection.

  4. See every point of interaction as an opportunity for sales.

    Users of Nike’s apps can expect curated discounts and tailored training shops based on engagement, bringing sales seamlessly into the social space.

  5. Harness continuous tracking to optimise the ecosystem and learn as you go.

    Throughout the ecosystem of interaction, Nike shares user insight to inform their inter-connected channel strategies: with data-driven merchandising and digitally-enabled executions.

The result? Brand growth. In China alone, Market Watch state that weekly users on Nike activity apps were up 80% by the end of the quarter, whilst digital business grew by 30%.

Nike have placed themselves as front runners post-lockdown. So, our attentions must turn to what comes next.

The future is on the horizon: Experiences across the ecosystem make or break brands

Whilst this might seem impossible, there is not one category that does not have followers in today’s world of tribes and passions. The future will require all brands to widen their lens of experience and live these principles in order to grow in equity and sales.

A brand that resonates in consumers’ lives will soon be defined by its ability to communicate what it stands for, across the entire ecosystem of interaction. By shifting gears now, brands can ensure that they don’t just survive in the new normal, but thrive in it.

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