The new tensions that brands should tackle, from EVA

Understand emerging tensions to rebuild cultural relevance in the ‘new normal’ world. Tension Mining and Enhanced Visual Analytics (EVA) uncover the new cultural tensions that people are dealing with.
18 May 2020
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The COVID-19 crisis has led to the emergence of new gaps between people’s desires and aspirations and the new reality we are in living in.

We are already starting to see how people are grappling with these new tensions, as their lifestyles and the values they used to live by are beginning to shift permanently.

As brands are planning for recovery, it is imperative for them to take a stand within this new world order by helping people to tackle these tensions.

Our Tension Mining tool allowed us to identify emerging cultural tensions and to anticipate the spaces where brands can play a powerful role in. We then used EVA – Enhanced Visual Analytics – to analyze 20,000+ user generated images to see how these tensions are being expressed in culture.

We identified three consumer tensions and supplemented these with user generated content to help bringing them to life through people’s eyes:

  • PROGRESS UPENDED: The tension between our desire to move forward and be productive vs. lockdown forcing us to seek wellbeing, fulfilment and sense of progress in new ways.
  • COMMUNITY REDEFINED: The tension between a surge in collective responsibility and solidarity vs. COVID-19 actually intensifying the disparities in society, forcing us to redefine what community and society really mean.
  • INTROVERSION RISING: The tension between our need for social connection and to feel safe from infection leading to new social modes that favour the introvert.

To learn more about these tensions and how to tap into these new needs, download our report via the form below or contact us to find out more.

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