Why brands will need to become tech-enabled, data-driven and human-centric

Winning the New Age Digital Consumer requires re-defining digital, and ensuring you are discoverable at every touchpoint, through establishing harmonised retail experiences.
13 July 2021
tech enabled human centric

Vice President, Ecommerce and Digital Insights, Consulting Division

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We are now inundated with choice and need to focus on the tools available to us to satisfy the new age digital consumer.

Eyeballs are everywhere. The importance of being available when consumers are ready, with the correct information and product, whenever and wherever required, is greater than ever in driving saliency.

Seamless experiences across diverse channels is a basic requirement, but in reality, being discoverable at every touchpoint, delivering relevant experiences, and shoppable at the point of demand remains an objective to achieve.

new age digital consumer

Social Commerce, Subscription Commerce, AI, Blockchain, Super-Apps, Ecosystems. These enablers of digital transformation will help shift efforts to capture new missions and occasions. Future growth will require harmonising the entire experience.

Re-define ‘digital’

Become omnipresent by relentlessly focusing on harmonising the entire brand experience. Retail has been on its omnichannel journey for some time. As we move into 2021 and beyond, with the increasing complexity of choice, we must identify the most important touchpoints that we can have the most impact on. Rather than thinking about the impact of each customer journey segment on every component in the commerce ecosystem, we must instead focus on harmonising the entire brand experience with every customer. Winning the New Age Digital Consumer requires re-defining digital, becoming human-centric, and ensuring omnipresence through establishing harmonised retail experiences.

To create harmonised retail experiences and become omnipresent, retailers and brands should…

  • Get Social: Look at ways to enhance the shopping experience through social platforms.
  • Go Direct: Leverage every touchpoint as a sales and marketing opportunity, while deploying new metrics to measure success.
  • Harness AI: Streamline marketing, improve the customer experience, or perform critical tasks for operational efficiencies and business agility.
  • Utilise Blockchain: Improve experiences, process, payments, incorporate new touchpoints, and scalable final-mile solutions.
  • Reimagine Mobile: Enhance mobile’s role in omni-optimised experiences.
  • Rethink Marketplaces: Reassess role and how to establish meaningful and personalised experiences.

Visit the Cannes Lions website for the full presentation from Malcolm on Rewriting Retail Rules (Part 1), along with more perspectives from Kantar experts, as part of the Lions Marketers Series.

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