How COVID-19 is impacting our eating and drinking habits

Watch our global webinar to discover how COVID-19 is impacting our eating and drinking habits.
01 July 2020
nuria moreno

Global Director, OOH & Usage Panels (Food)

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COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown has significantly impacted our FMCG purchasing and consumption behaviour around the world to differing degrees.

There are certain changes which are consistent everywhere, and some that are more specific to markets. For example: 

  • We are snacking 50% more often than before lockdown, across the UK, Spain, Brazil and France. We also see increases in sweet treats and booze.
  • On average, lockdown has triggered 6 more at-home meal occasions each week. Most of these are the snacking moments!
  • We are spending a lot less on food and drink. In the UK for example, we spent £2.9bn less out-of-home during lockdown month than we did in a normal month in 2019. In France, out-of-home decreased £2.5bn while in Spain, the spent was £2.3bn less. That doesn’t include alcohol sales.
  • We were seeing a long-term trend away from eating desserts. Lockdown has reversed that trend!
  • There has been a 245% year on year growth in spending on meal delivery in the UK. That’s a lot of takeaway.
  • Later breakfast on weekdays, cooking more meals and having more snacks during a typical lockdown week seem to be the new trends in France.

But, looking at China and our most recent data worldwide, we know that certain aspects of consumption and purchase behaviour will change ‘back’ quickly. To better understand the trends and how it affects your brand and category, watch our webinar on demand, or fill in your details to download the deck.

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