Future Proof: How will COVID-19 change global healthcare?

In this special episode of Future Proof, we speak to experts in China, Europe and the US to see what healthcare trends have emerged, and what new habits might remain.
26 March 2020
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Jane Bloomfield

Chief Growth Officer, UK

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As the pandemic changes lives across the world, how are healthcare systems responding? Where are consumers going for information and advice, and what does that mean for the future of delivering health and aftercare services globally? We ask Jade Cusick (Global Chief Client Officer, Health Division, Kantar), Oliver Bone (Head of Europe, Executive Client Partner, Health Division, Kantar) and Julia Liu (HEOR & Market Access Senior Director, Health Division, Kantar) to share their insights from the US, Europe and of course China, to see where the challenges and opportunities are emerging.

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Read more about the behaviour of the Chinese public during the epidemic.


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